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Praise for Todos Santos

Todos Santos

"Clearman has a fluid, readable style...[her characters] reach some satisfying conclusions about themselves and their future, making this a worthwhile read."
   —Publishers Weekly

"[Todos Santos] will resonate with readers of feminist fiction...and also with those who enjoy discovering the culture of exotic locales. Fans of Barbara Kingsolver and Anne Tyler may enjoy this title."
   —Library Journal

"In her novel, Todos Santos, Deborah Clearman has given us a rare and knowing look into a world few Americans know or will ever experience—those parts of Guatemala that extend beyond the picturesque postcard images visited by most tourists to that strange and mysterious and heartbreaking country.
  She tells the story of an American woman who ventures well beyond the safe territory she inhabited in the past, to rebuild her life in a remote mountain village, and to fall in love. With a perceptive eye for detail and knowledge of the human heart, Deborah Clearman introduces us to characters who are both utterly unlike any we have encountered on the page before, and utterly believable."
   —Joyce Maynard, author of To Die For and At Home in the World

"Deborah Clearman is a born storyteller, and Todos Santos is an expertly conceived tale. In it, a marriage-weary American wife and her adventurous young son lose their way in present day Guatemala. Clearman's feel for the vivid weave of folklore and history in this exotic world made her story come alive for me, but its real terrain is the familiar, surprising human heart."
   —Lesley Dormen, author of The Best Place to Be

"Deborah Clearman's Todos Santos is an exotic, timely—and timeless—tale of love, fear, sex, death and renewal. Clearman paints a vivid picture of the gritty and graceful sights of Guatemala as well as of the human heart, while touching upon the universal instinct to protect our children from real and imagined threats."
   —Holly MacArthur, Managing Editor, Tin House